Hard to see in this picture but rocking “daddy’s girl” shoes in gold. Dancing, falling, strutting, doing it all in comfort at my bachelorette party last weekend. Best shoes ever. Margaret

Here’s some more pix to add to the previous ones (I accidentally hit ‘submit’ too early) Big hug from Buenos Aires (where we’re currently living)! Nicole & Mark

These beautiful shoes were shipped all the way to the Netherlands, so there’s a whole new group of Dutch fans out there now! Thanks for being part of my wedding girls! What a great thing to come out of meeting you guys at Los Altos High School! Nicole &...

I received my pair of Daddy’s Girl today and I am oh so happy! I swear, I feel like I could hit the treadmill in my Hey Ladys – they really are that comfortable. Thank you very much for making my exchange such a breeze! Bride: Kate Bezanson