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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions we get, besides
How do you tell the twins apart?
“Emily-Blonder/Tanner/Pinterest. Jessica-Dimples/Tattoos/Instagram

Do you ever go on sale?

Rarely. However, we completely understand budgets and always try to help as much as possible with various Sample options and Sample Sales.

How are these products different and One-of-a-Kind?

We are tired of seeing copies of copies everywhere and just wanted something original you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else! Every style is designed and built from scratch, and our comfort hybrid takes a 100+ more steps to make than a typical shoe. Our entire Design to Manufacture process is completely one-of-a-kind. Some designs even incorporate the charities they are inspired by like the double helix DNA in the Double Trouble and the ocean waves in the Principessa flat.

These are your only TOTAL PACKAGE shoes- with brains, beauty, personality, and heart. Most importantly for photos, we have INVISIBLE COMFORT. Every style is also infused with it’s own unique personality, just as everybody in the world doesn’t have the same personality.

Rarely is there a style that can be worn on 3 generations of Classy Ladies at once and we are most proud to be on all ages and personalities.

I can’t afford your shoes, but would love to have a pair for my special day.

We want everybody to have a Cinderella moment, no matter your temporary circumstance! Hey Lady is an accessible luxury, and packs the most value in a package. If you’ve saved up for your first pair of luxe Ladies, we want it to be worth every penny. We made a conscious mission to make this accessible for all style queens, despite the designer materials and premium technology.

We will be implementing Layaway plans, as well as have Samples at a 10-70% discount randomly available. You can also check our Giving page for our Sole Sisters program.

How do I purchase a discounted Sample pair?

Email us at [email protected] with your usual size/width, budget, and preferred style/heel/color(s) in order of priority and we can check! It may take up to a week to confirm availability. Once confirmed, we can hold the item for you for up to a week before it’s released. If you would like to purchase, we would need your information either emailed or called in to process the discount on the backend.

Do your shoes go through real-world testing to last all day and night?

Yes! All styles are tested in every day situations for durability and endurance and style versatility. They have danced in real weddings and galas, stood at 3 day work conferences, and explored miles of cities while traveling around the world. All shoes have gone through the Hey Lady straight-from-work-to-happy-hour-to-salsa-dancing test!

How do you make sure they never go out of style?

To ensure they last the style test of time, every pair must pass the Past/Present/Future test. We imagine which unforgettable icon in history, which modern muse, and which badass lady we know in real life would actually wear them. See our Behind the Shoe Story on each style product page.

How often do you restock?

We order in limited runs with an on-demand basis to maintain the highest quality. Most colors are limited availability and once they sell out that is it. However we do keep our original Bestsellers in stock as much as possible. These styles will remain annually with new color ways. Bestsellers may restock biannually and we can pre-order anything for you.

How often do you come out with new styles?

We design only when inspired, it can be anywhere from 7 months to 7 years to develop and perfect a completely new style. Debuts are highly selective and the majority of designs do not make the final dancing/traveling/multiple-occasions test.

New colors for existing styles could be as soon as every month. In the near future, we will be dropping a new limited edition color every month. We love feedback and suggestions; you could even have a style inspired by you!

What do you mean by “Heirloom” and “seasonless” shoes?

We consider our style inspired, timeless, and we resist fleeting fads. Good riddance ugly, see-through boots and squished, sweaty toes. You will never hear a Mean Girl say “Those are so last year, Gretchen”.

These classics-with-a-twist will never go out of style, and the twist gives it a one-of-a-kind modern take. We hope that you can pass these on from one generation to the next just like a wedding dress or heirloom jewelry!

The vintage-inspired shoe box and black lace rosette shoe bags are also meant to be re-purposed to hold your keepsakes. It’s all in the details!

If a style is discontinued, is there a chance it will be brought back?

Yes, but not likely. We have brought back styles and colors after they have been retired due to popular demand but we also want to continually bring modern takes on everyday classics for even more occasions. We definitely take into consideration your votes and email suggestions on what you’d like to see, as well as input for new colors/heel heights/new styles. After all, these styles are ultimately inspired by your personality!

Will you offer more colors?

Yes! All bestsellers can be made in custom colors, send us your vote for future consideration! The Vintage and Decades Collections are specifically made to be the cornerstone of your closet and go with a wide range of outfit colors. Most colors, even the blues and pinks, are intended to be neutrals so you can wear them with everything.

We WILL be offering all types of colors in limited edition drops, so every color of the rainbow is possible! Just comment anything you’d like to see, we take all suggestions into account!

What shade of white are your whites?

Whites will depend on material such as silks, leather, or patent leather as well as the production run.

Our silk “whites” are considered an off-white with a warm undertone, that we chose specially to complement both white and ivory dresses (Twinkletoes, Knotty Girl). Our “Buttercream” (At Tiffany’s, Lady, Luck Be A Lady), is a warm ivory specifically chosen by BHLDN to complement their vintage boho style. Brighter white dresses we suggest silver shoes to complement the cool undertones (Twinkletoes, Fancypants).

What shade of pink are your pinks?

We love pink! Most pinks are chosen specifically as a soft neutral nude tone, so you can wear them with absolutely anything! The Nekkid Pink patent leather (First Lady) and the Blush suede (Fancypants) are intended to be a nude neutral. The blush (Knotty Girl) and ballet pink (Twinkletoes) are the perfect complement for all things bridal.

What color shoe do you recommend for my dress?

Feel free to email or post your pic for some stylist suggestions! In general, we suggest cool toned colors with other cool tones such as blue and silver, and warm with warm toned colors such as buttercream and pink. Pops of brights and Red are also a favorite of ours to make any outfit.

Are they dyeable?

Yes! All 100% silk/satin blends are made without polyester and synthetic fibers, and can be custom dyed (Twinkletoes, Knotty Girl especially). The best to dye are the whites but any color can be dyed darker to black. Even the suede/leather/microfiber styles have been dyed but we do not recommend it.

Please note cobblers/shoe dyers do not like to work with brides as this is an important and emotional day. We suggest telling vendors they are for a party.

Will you be making the fashion sketches shared on social media?

We are constantly inspired by different personalities and want to make them all! But we’d have to make room for them, so vote and let us know if you’d like them!

Do you make flower girl and children’s shoes?

Currently not, but Little Lady is in the works for a little mini-me capsule collection. Let us know what you would like to see for you and your littles!

Do you have any Vegan options?

We are working on a special pair just for Vegans, keep an eye out!

Do you have more than wedding shoes?

Yes!! We have expanded to all special occasions: every day. Most styles are designed with the intent to take you from day to night effortlessly. They’ve been to the office, happy hour, graduations, quinceneras, debutante balls, prom, showers, girls trips, conferences, galas, awards shows, movie premieres etc. They’ve been on Dancing with the Stars and on Emmy winners, but our favorite is your Big Day.

Our goal is if you had one favorite pair of shoes the rest of your life, these could take you everywhere!

They are also now our favorite go-to traveling shoes around the world, walking miles exploring Paris and hiking up a cliff to dinner in Positano. We suggest the Principessa flat and Double Trouble wedge for the ultimate active Honeymoon.

Do you have shoes for my Grandmother/Mother/Daughter?

Yes! We consider our style ageless, and have even been on 3 generations at once, from ages 14-94. A popular combination is pairing the same style with everybody in different colors. Classics-with-a-twist keep it modern and universally flattering.

Are your shoes eco-friendly?

We are champions of slow-fashion and have been dedicated for over a decade. One of the greatest contributors to landfills are the billions of pounds of discarded inventory every year. We maintain limited runs and tight inventory in high integrity family-run manufacturers. Current common fast-fashion retail and seasonal models have a constant cycle of clearing out inventory with clearance sales and just disposing of tons of excess every 3 months in order to bring in new items.

Every item here is meant to be re-used for multiple occasions.

Even the vintage-inspired shoe box and black lace rosette shoe bags are intended to be re-purposed to hold your keepsakes. It’s all in the details!

We also encourage only buying what you love, and keeping what you love. We KonMari all of our designs, and only keep the ones that bring lasting joy. And as big fans of repeating outfits you love a la Arianna Huffington and Kate Middleton, we encourage your to choose love instead of the one-night stand.

Our luxury RetroFIT line will also include LIFETIME RESOLING for the ultimate long-lasting wear.

What’s new coming out?

Be on the lookout for Little Lady mommy & me shoes, the perfect travel shoe, and RetroFIT a custom fit luxury line.

LIMITED EDITION EXCLUSIVE COLLABORATIONS Sometimes there is an exclusive style/colors available solely at a partnered location and will not be available through this website. Keep an eye out for special collab announcements!

PLEASE BEWARE OF FAKE COPIES BEING SOLD ONLINE How can I ensure the Hey Lady product is authentic and not counterfeit?

Only products from this website and on our approved list on the Locations page carry authentic Hey Lady products. Be wary of other website scams who have stolen product images from our site. Outcomes include never receiving product at all or receiving imitation shoes with irregular materials and fake memory foam.

Every keepsake vintage-inspired shoe box will have a black lace rosette shoe bags inside along with a hand-written thank you card.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We have shipped to over 36+ countries from Afghanistan to United Arab Emirates. Upon checkout, choose one of the International Priority Mail options. Typically it takes about a 1-2 weeks to arrive once it is shipped from the warehouse (1-3 business days from order date). Customs/duties varies per country.

How quickly does an order ship out after order placement? How long does it take to arrive via US domestic ground shipping?

All orders ship within 1-3 business days of order date and does not account for US national and religious holidays. If you have an Urgent order we can move it up the queue, just let us know!

For UPS Ground you can expect 1-2 days in transit within California and up to a full week to the East Coast.

I need a different size, how can I exchange?

1. Submit request for exchange within 21 days of order date. Log in to your account and click Exchange or you can email [email protected] for assistance and sizing. Let us know what you would like to exchange to and we will hold it for you.

2. We will issue a Return Authorization number (RA#) to mark on the box.

3. You are responsible for sending the original pair back, we suggest a shipping service that includes tracking numbers. Please mail to :

Hey Lady Shipping/Receiving
555 Bryant St. #292
Palo Alto, CA 94301

4. Once received, inspected, and approved your new size will ship out UPS Ground.

If you are on a time deadline for an upcoming event, we can mark it PRIORITY-URGENT to move it up the queue. You may expedite the process for you by sending us a tracking number.

Items with a clear protective backing on the sole (Decades Collection and some Vintage) cannot be returned once the covering is removed. You can email us at [email protected] for assistance!

What is your refund policy/return process?

We accept unworn items in their original packing/condition within 14 days of order date. Items with a clear protective backing on the sole (Decades Collection and some Vintage) cannot be returned once the covering is removed. Sale items and samples are not eligible for returns

1. Submit request for return. Log in to your account and click Return or you can email [email protected] for assistance.

2. We will issue a Return Authorization number (RA#) to mark on the box.

3. You are responsible for sending the original pair back, we suggest a shipping service that includes tracking numbers. Please mail to :

Hey Lady Shipping/Receiving
555 Bryant St. #292
Palo Alto, CA 94301

4. Once received, inspected, and approved your return will be marked complete and a credit will be issued to your original form of payment. Depending on your bank, credits typically post within a week.

Please note that donations are non-refundable and there is a non-negotiable 15% restock fee that covers warehouse/inspection/cleaning. This restock fee is WAIVED for any exchanges/credits and extenuating circumstances.

What if I pre-order, how long will it take to ship?

Expected product arrival dates vary and will be stated in the Product Detail page specific to each style. Pre-order capabilities will be opened up anywhere from 1-4 months before arrival. Depending on when you order, there will be a countdown clock until the shipment is expected to arrive. Orders will be sent out the week of shipment arrival. We can mark your order as PRIORITY-URGENT to move up the shipping queue if you have an event close to the delivery date.

Do you take orders over the telephone?

Yes, anyway you prefer! We are happy to help you in person and process an order for you on the backend. Please call 650-924-8658 and leave your name, number, usual size/width and preferred styles, and we can give you a call. Sometimes we are between the warehouse and office, but will give you a call as soon as possible!

Do you accept other forms of payment such as WeChat?

Currently we accept Visa/Mastercard/Discover/AMEX and PayPal. We are working to have the option to pay through WeChat and others in the future to bring even more ease and efficiency to your checkout process.

Do you have gift cards?

Yes! Currently we only have paper gift cards ($5.50 +shipping) that can only be snail mailed. Please email [email protected] for assistance to process an order on the backend. You can choose any amount and we will issue a digital promo that can be used online at any time.

You will also have the option of digital-only gift cards soon, where you will receive an email code to your email box.

Will you have layaway payment options?

In the pipeline! Currently you can request to hold an item for up to a week.


Our Mountain View Design Studio in the San Francisco Bay Area is the best place to view all styles. It is by appointment only. If you are unable to come during M-F 9-5pm hours, we try to accommodate your evenings and weekend requests.

Our new model no longer includes wholesale except a select few grandfathered retailers in locations across the US. These boutiques usually have limited select styles for display only, but are able to order anything in stock to be shipped. Most bridal boutiques have a NO REFUND POLICY, but vary per location.

You can only find authentic Hey Lady here or on our authorized list.

LIMITED EDITION EXCLUSIVE COLLABORATIONS Sometimes there is an exclusive style/colors available solely at a partnered location and will not be available through this website. Keep an eye out for special collaborations!

Do I have to make an appointment at your Design Studio?

Yes, you can email or call for an appointment and let us know your usual size/width, interested style/color/heel, and any preferred dates/times you wish to come! Each appointment is designated at least an hour to ensure you get your exclusive one-on-one time.

Can I try on my size and specific style?

Yes! Send us your usual size/width and requested style/color/heels in order of preference. We then submit the request to the warehouse ,who will deliver any items available within 24 hours of your Design Studio appointment. Most are able to try on 1-3 pairs/person. The Design Studio carries most styles/colors to be viewed but come in a random assortment of sizes (mostly sample size).

Where do I get my Design Studio appointment info/address?

We will email you a reminder/confirmation within 24 hours of your appointment with Address/Time and if possible a summary of styles/sizes available to be tried on. The Design Studio address is not made public for previous safety concerns.

Can I bring people? How long is my appointment?

Yes! The more the merrier! Everyone is allotted one hour, and you can stay as long as needed until the next appointment comes in. Some people like to make a party out of it and bring their moms or bridal party.

Can I take these home from the Design Studio?

If you decide those are the one, you can take them home that same day! We will take down your info to process the order on the backend for you. We are unable to allow you to take them home just to try on.

Should you like to order a size/color/style not available to try on at your appointment, we can send the order with free shipping to your location.

How do I get to the Design Studio? Which Caltrain stop?

We are walking distance 0.3miles to downtown Castro St from the Caltrain Mountain View station exit. If you are driving it is street parking only. Your appointment confirmation will let you know address and additional detailed information. The Design Studio address is not made public for previous safety concerns.

What size should I choose?

Every style varies slightly in fit and comfort, depending on if they are open/closed toes, upper materials , production runs, etc. See SIZE RECOMMENDATIONS in the tab below product pic. Most new Decades Collection styles are true to size, with a width between B & C widths so slightly wider average.

How comfortable are they really?

These are heels/athletic shoe hybrids with invisible comfort built in. They look just as uncomfortable as your typical heel but will take you hours and miles further.

Our goal is to make your biggest moments last longer for the value. We hope they go the distance, not just to wear one night as long as possible but also to as many events as possible.

We calculate the value of our shoes with this equation:

#/HOURS x # of times worn x special occasions = Worth It

Do your sizes come in narrow or wide, small or large options?

Currently we only offer sizes 5-13 with a slightly wider than average width. Significantly narrow or wide widths can be accommodated by going up or down a half size and adding a heel pad (we can include heel pad within order if pre-noted).

Our shoes can also be stretched (up to twice) for more width and we reimburse for cobbler’s fees! Just take a pic of the receipt and email to [email protected] for reimbursement.

See our luxury RetroFIT line for a custom fit that accommodates any size and width.

I have plantar fasciitis/arthritis/foot surgery, can I still wear them?

YES, it’s been real-life tested! People with plantar fasciitis, arthritis in their toes, and post foot-surgery have all previously worn our heels. We suggest a maximum of 3” heels/wedge for those with sensitive foot histories, and recommend the 2” wedgies or flats for optimal comfort. However, always check with your foot doctor first.

International Size Conversion

Shoe size conversion varies across the board.  Unfortunately there is a lack of industry standard,  but we can make a good guestimate depending on your usual size and width.  We are slightly wider in the toe box than the average heel at Nordstroms. and roomier than your typical European designer fit.

Foot length measurements will not be very accurate or helpful but can give a general ballpark, as the circumference of feet make the biggest differences.  You can look out for our luxury 3D RetroFIT option for a custom Perfect Fit.

Email [email protected] for additional sizing and styling suggestions.

US 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10
EU 35 35.5 36 37 37.5 38 38.5 39 39.5 40 41
Why $8?

8 is a lucky Chinese number as well as the numerical equivalent to the infinity symbol. We hope it’ll start an infinite cycle to help children and women of the world get on their feet.

How do you choose the charities your shoes donate to?

Charities are subject to change at any given time, there are no formal partnerships but were chosen by the founders purely because they feel strongly about any given cause and organization’s mission. They like to have a mix between small local and global organizations.

You can also make a suggested cause to donate to upon checkout. All styles have a designated default charity, but the default may change at any given time.

How do you choose who wins a free pair for Sole Sisters Giving?

We know not everybody’s circumstances allow the budget for the perfect pair of shoes, and that there are so many deserving women taking care of others instead of themselves. A nomination is submitted via 4 separate Testimonials describing the character and deservingness of the nominated. They can be from the best friend, student, patient, niece, co-worker, fiancé etc.

The best ones tell a story of how they have impacted your life and others, and what these shoes would mean to her. Tell us about the Leading Lady in your life! This can be for any lady from ages 12 to 100+!

We consider everybody an influencer and have maintained a no paid traditional advertising/paid testimonial rule from day one. Wear samples are available to be lent/gifted for charity and through our PR partners CLD. Testimonials are never required nor in exchange for any lent/gifted product.

It’s us! Not bots.

It’s us! Not bots. Authentic and Awesome. And we like to take Digital Detoxes quarterly and daily even FYI. It may take just a little longer to receive a responce via social so for urgent questions you can call/email us!

Our favorite part is seeing the different ways you wear them and love featuring real baller babes! Tag for a chance to be featured!

Who can wear these?

These are especially made for sparkly and colorful personalities. No boring and basic need apply. Just one-of-a-kind style for one-of-a-kind people, no matter what age, gender, or race.

ON 3 GENERATIONS AT ONCE From ages 14-94 on daughters, mothers, and grandmothers. Our Hey Ladies are ageless and timeless, and always effortlessly chic.

THE TOTAL PACKAGE Smart and sexy, sweet and sassy, ladylike and femme fatale.


We use REAL people since the day we began. Some of our models have been with us for over ten years (and now their daughters!) and we will continue to use them at any age and life stage as long as they’ll have us.

How do you tell the Leung twins apart?

Emily: CEO/Blonder/Tanner/Pinterest
Jessica: Creative Director/Dimples/Tattoos/Instagram

Email us at [email protected] or call 650-924-8698! We are often running between the office and warehouse, please leave a voicemail if we do not pick up immediately and we will get back to you asap. You can definitely expect a response within 1-2 business days, if you do not check your spam folder!