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Difficult roads often lead to
beautiful destinations


Annual half-marathoners, the girls have endured their share of bodily injuries, but none more so than from those in heels. Running 13.1 miles, standing all day in a 10 lb wedding dress, and dancing all night have the same pain DNA.

Full insoles of NASA-developed Poron performance memory foam used in running & basketball shoes.

  • Shock-absorbing against high impact
  • Lightweight and flexible for invisible support.
  • Maintains bounce-back cushioning “Tempur-Pedic” style
  • Breathable, anti-bacterial to keep you dry and cool
Invisible “wing” arch support serves as a seamless “foot-bra”, cupping the foot for extra support & evenly distributing the weight to delay ball-of-foot numbness
Dancer’s Fit toe box eliminates toe-overlap & muffin-top
Just enough stylish coverage prevents toe overhang & strap whiplash
Luxurious buffed leather outsoles grip dance floors, and don’t leave rubber track marks.
Balanced but slender heel offers stability while instantly taking off 5 lbs ;)
3” & 4” with platform options share the same comfort angles, equally lifting butts and elongating calves.
100% silk satin or leather uppers & soft Italian kid lining

Introducing #RetroFit #PerfectFit

Retrofitting refers to the addition of new technology or features to older systems.

Coming Holiday 2016!

Choose any style from the Decades Collection for your perfect fit

  • Bespoke craftmanship to your individual measurements
  • Ultra marathon endurance memory foam
  • 3D scan of entire foot, including soles, for a custom shoe last.
  • Lifetime resoling service.