Identical twins, not identical feet

They had a 3rd ESP moment. Even identical twins don’t have identical feet. Everybody in this world is completely unique. A PERFECT FIT tailored as unique as the person. Although they could share dresses, Jessica’s left foot was a size 6.5 slight wide and her right a 6...

Bridesmaid dresses meant go-with-everything shoes

3 years from the first official “incurable” terminal diagnosis, the twins attend a record number 9 weddings and are asked to be bridesmaids 3x in six months.  They needed shoes that could be worn with anything to anywhere, to all special occasions (your daily...

What more could they do…for you…with a shoe?  Did they even want a shoe…to do…and for who?

PTSG Post-traumatic growth period. Emily & Jessica reflect upon the meaning of life and the future of their company baby as if they really only had a few months left.  Who, what,and why is Hey Lady?  Just shipping shoes was no longer fulfilling.


Emily hits wall, switching gears from a tunnel-vision survival mode to WTH-just-happened mode