I just wanted to thank you for all your help and excellent customer service!
I received my Pre-Nope shoes yesterday and they are absolutely perfect!  It was everything I expected and more!  They are super comfortable as though I were walking on clouds.  I cannot wait to show them off and walk down the aisle in these beautiful shoes.  I can’t wait to dance all night in them as they are more comfortable than my workout sneakers lol!
I really appreciated the handwritten thank you note as well!  Grateful “Hey Lady” is sharing part of my special day with me 🙂
Thank you again for your patience and help with my decision to purchase these shoes.  It was truly meant to be that the only size left was a 10 (you were right, they fit me perfectly even though I’m a 9).
So excited and blessed,
ps.  Interesting side note, on my Pinterest page I pinned a picture many weeks ago of a bride on a wooden swing because I adored the shoes in the photo.  When I revisited my board recently, I realized that I have purchased those exact shoes!  Back to my “It was meant to be” moment 🙂