DIY = Dad It Yourself.  Pretty handy having a former aeronautical engineer turned construction something or other Dad when you need a little “life-size picture frame, please” woodwork imagined.  What started as a little photo backdrop for a bridal shower morphed into a wedding ceremony altar piece.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

The garden assembly pile.  The XXL felt flowers took forever to fold, we recommend buying to save time on those.

Thanks Dad!

Not our usual Friday Night Drill

For the candle-lit wedding we will probably add more gold spray-painted branches.
Survived a stressful, very windy 4.5 hour drive to the gorgeous Wilderotter Winery in Plymouth, CA.  There were a few flower fatalities in the wind 🙁 

The twins present what 3 days of DIY XXL felt flower folding/tacking/hammering/painting manual labor looks like.

The beautiful future Mrs. W