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My something blue wedding shoes! I wore Knotty Girl shoes in Robin's Egg on my wedding day with my short Ivy & Aster dress, and I swear, I got so many compliments, and I think more people took pictures of my shoes than anything else! And they were so, so comfy, I wore them the whole night!! Thanks Hey Lady! -Dena
Hey ladies! When I got engaged, within a week I bought my amazing shoes from you guys! I knew what shoes I wanted more than my dress and I dreamt of these shoes for years! I held on to them for over a year until the big day and got so many compliments on them before and during the wedding. Not only that, but I was silly and didn't wear them in before the big day of hills and rough terrine.... needless to say, these were THE most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! Even with all of that, my feet were in heaven for over 8 hours until they came off for the final dancing smile emoticon THANK YOU so much for making these shoes worth EVERY penny! My wonderful photographer Greg Harris took the money shot of the shoes, just as I wanted :) Katie
NY Times Best-selling author Susan Wiggs gives a shout out to Hey Lady and her "favorite party shoes" (her fourth pair!) in her latest book The Beekeeper's Ball!
My Daughter broke her ankle while playing powder puff football for a fundraiser for American Cancer Society. After surgery that left her with a plate and 7 screws she was very limited to what she could walk in. Last July she married and we looked and looked for shoes that she could walk down the isle in and dance the night way in without to much discomfort. These shoe's were just the ticket for the need! I thank you for your efforts in making shoes that are both beautiful, and wonderfully made. We love the promos and watch facebook faithfully for your posts and notifications of promos! Thank you ladies for all you do. -Sherrie Maresh
Sari shoes LOVE!!!
"Thank you so much @heyladyshoes you are the best!!!! And I lasted the whole night without achey feet a miracle! :-)" -Heather
Last night I came home from a horrible day - a long train ride to and from Rhode Island to give a presentation to a client I just do not enjoy, all with a developing cold. And what was waiting for me? The marigold Taken sample shoe you guys hooked me up with. I wanted to sleep in them. Thank you!!!! Kristin
It's a boy!
Sarah & Danny
I built my wedding around these shoes before I was even engaged, I love them that much.
Melanie & Matt
My wedding shoes came in and I couldn't be more impressed! They're soo beautiful and fit amazingly. Can't wait to rock these, worth every penny!
The most comfortable shoes I have ever worn with heels. I wore them for the entire wedding with no issues! They beautifully complemented my lace wedding dress.
Aaron and Cortni
Ok - I am NOT a fancy shoe gal. While on Pinterest I saw the At Tiffany's shoes but no one was giving credit to the brand! I literally searched for HOURS to find them. I goggled everything I could think of: "Mint Vintage Wedding Shoes" "Green and White heels." Eventually I found a photo with embossed on it so I literally searched through hundreds of shoes and finally FOUND the link! My wedding is in May and I literally don't want to wear any other shoes. With all of my searching I probably viewed over 1000 shoes and none of them made the cut. I'm in love! -Carrie Ruddell Maria
Aaron and Cortni
I purchased a pair of cobalt twinkletoes for my wedding and they were amazing! I had them on from approx 12pm to 9pm and danced my butt off. Everyone thought they were so beautiful and they really completed my look. Thank you so much for all your help. I recommend Hey Lady wherever I go!! Stephanie
my fave Hey Lady shoes! Attached are some pictures of me in my fabulous At Tiffany shoes on my wedding day. I am always telling people about the collection and wish they were more available in Canada! I would love to own the entire collection :) Keep up the great work! p.s I wore my fabulous Hey Ladies last night to another wedding and danced the whole night away, with no pain! These shoes are fantastic! Sincerely, Miranda Vass a.k.a super fan ;)
Aaron and Cortni
These babies held up in a 100 degree heat wave on a tanbark aisle and through the rocky ranch terrain. I went up a half size from usual and eventhough my feet swelled from the heat I made it the entire night dancing! Love, Mrs. Clapp
Alison & Greg